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Publish Date: 11 May 2017 - 23:30
"Desertification Project Consultation Workshop" will be held on 5–6 July 2017 at the ECO Secretariat, Tehran, Iran.
ECO-IEST: The ECO-IEST announced  "Desertification Project Consultation Workshop" and invited the experts from interested Member States to share their data and information on the situation of land degradation and biodiversity conservation in the ECO Region. The workshop will be held from 5 to 6 July 2017 at the Secretariat in Tehran.

The objectives of the workshop are familiar participants with their national planning mechanisms on land degradation and challenges for biodiversity conservation. 

The Pdf version of information of the workshop including: The Workshop Outline/ Venue/ Logistics, The feasibility study and The first draft of project plan, are available to download in following links: 

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