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Publish Date: 22 August 2017 - 14:07
On Monday 22 August, Iran sees no limits for expansion of ties with its neighbors, including Afghanistan, said Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani-Fazli.
ECO-IEST: Attending the ceremony commemorating the National Day of Afghanistan in the Afghan Embassy in Tehran on Monday, Rahmani-Fazli said, 'Iran has always called for removing all the problems on the way to expansion of economic and investment ties in order to promote mutual interests.'

He added that in line with the mentioned goal Iran has given access to Chabahar Port, a free trade zone located in SE of Iran on the northern coast of Oman Sea, to the state and private sections of Afghanistan.
He also said that Iran has had an effective role in reconstruction of Afghanistan after the fall of Taleban, adding, 'Despite all unfair sanctions imposed on Iran in the past decade, Iran has allotted $ 500m to reconstruct and develop Afghanistan and had an effective role in strategic affairs, such as road building, health, and training of human resources in Afghanistan.'

Rahmani-Fazli added that Iran is ready to play a more important role, along with the international community and Afghanistan's neighbors, in reconstruction and development of the country.

Presenting a brief report about the condition of Afghan citizens in Iran, he said, 'According to related international organizations, Afghan nationals in Iran enjoy the best condition compared to nationals of any country residing in another.'

He added that Iran hosts 850 thousands Afghan refugees, 50 thousand Afghan temporary residents and 1.5 million Afghan illegals, who all have access to Iranian job market to support their families in Afghanistan; thousands of Afghan national are insured through Iran Health Insurance Plan.

Rahmani-Fazli also said that about 450 thousand Afghans are attending Iranian schools and 17 thousand attending Iranian universities. Many of Afghan experts have been schooled in Iran and now can help build the future of their country.

Source: Irna
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