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Publish Date: 16 September 2017 - 14:18
Environmental experts warn that climate change could cause serious problems for Afghanistan, particularly regarding the melting of the country’s glaciers.
ECO-IEST: Drought and soil erosion as a result of climate change could further destabilize Afghanistan, environmental experts warned. This comes as scientists report that Afghanistan’s glaciers continue to melt. Despite these threats, Afghanistan has so far not taken any action to minimize the effect of climate change, said Abbas Baseer, president Ashraf Ghani’s environment advisor. 

"These institutions that work in this sector have not concentrated on the issue, and they have failed to attract aid,” said Baseer.

Experts meanwhile said the melting of the country’s glaciers could have serious repercussions on the agriculture sector in future.

Afghanistan’s glaciers are located in the narrow eastern Wakhan Corridor in Badakhshan province, wedged between Pakistan, China, and Tajikistan and drain southwestward via a system of streams, providing surface water.

"Climate change would have a serious impact on agriculture, forests, grasslands, energy, water resources and other areas; there is a need for extended coordination to address the problem,” said environmental expert Azim Dosti.

Meanwhile, Abdul Wali Mudaqiq, deputy head of the National Environment Protection Agency has stressed the need for extended cooperation between all institutions to protect the environment. 

Based on statistics, Afghanistan is extremely vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

Source: Tolo News
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